Pre-Paid Tuition Program (PPT)

Program at a glance

The Alliance Pre-Paid Tuition Program (PPT) provides funding for education and training to enhance current skills or to build new skills that support employability.  The program provides for the pre-payment of tuition costs to give participants the flexibility to pursue individual training tracks.  However, receiving Alliance PPT funding is not automatic; you must meet the Program Requirements detailed below.

The PPT maximum are $2,500 for active workers and $3,500 for dislocated workers.  This rate includes the Book/Software Reimbursement Program.


Funding Limitations

Funding is based on a calendar year and an annual maximum limit. The course start date determines from which year a course will be funded and the maximum payout equals the combined tuition and Book/Software Reimbursement amount.

Active workers: up to $2,500.
Displaced workers: up to $3,500 (eligible for one year from date of layoff plus weeks of severance pay)

All PPT Approval Certificates become void 180 days after the printed term ending date. This means that tuition invoices for associated coursework received after that date will not be paid and become the participant’s responsibility.

Please note that these funding levels are subject to change. In addition, all Alliance training is contingent on the availability of funding – and exceptionally high demand for training and budget limitations could require changes in PPT policies.

Alliance PPT cannot duplicate your company’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). Before submitting an Alliance PPT Application, be sure to check The Alliance PPT Application Checklist. If a program/degree looks to be TAP fundable, PPT may require you to apply to TAP and provide a copy of the TAP denial letter to complete your Alliance PPT application. To avoid delay, apply to TAP first if you think they might fund your training.


Program requirements

ELIGIBILITY: You must meet The Alliance eligibility requirements to qualify for the PPT Program (Alliance Eligibility Matrix).

TRAINING/TRAINING INSTITUTIONS: For your tuition to be supported, it must qualify under one of the following standards:
(a) “for credit” training at an accredited institution. “For credit” in courses that earn credit toward a degree or courses that are required to earn a certificate or license from the institution. Click here to search for an accredited institution.


(b) training related to an “approved industry standard certification” at an Alliance approved institution. Click here to search for an Alliance Approved Institution.


How to apply

To Apply for Alliance PPT

  1. Print a copy of The Alliance Pre-Paid Tuition Application or Apply online.
  2. Mail or fax the supporting documentation as described on the form to:  (include a copy of the application if not completing online).

The Alliance PPT Program
80 Cottontail Lane, Suite 220
Somerset, NJ 08873
Fax (732) 563-1724
Phone (800) 323-3436, option 1.

Alliance PPT Application Checklist

Before submitting an Alliance PPT Application, please be sure these statements apply to you:

  1. I have read the PPT requirements, Application Form and procedures completely.
  2. I am eligible for Alliance PPT (Alliance Eligibility Matrix).
  3. I am requesting funding to attend an accredited school or Alliance Approved school.
  4. My application form is completely filled out and the supporting documentation I have included is clear and agrees with the information I have entered on the form.
  5. I am applying for a program/degree not funded by my company’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).
  6. I will be able to submit my PPT application to The Alliance at least three weeks prior to the start of my class.



What is funded?
Alliance PPT funds tuition, required fees, and books/software up to the maximum rates. While mandatory fees are covered, other miscellaneous costs are not funded (e.g. supplies/equipment, lodging transportation and meals).

My eligibility for The Alliance will expire soon, how does this affect the training I want to take?
You must enroll and start a class before your eligibility expires. Training due to start after this date will not be funded even if you apply for it while you are still eligible for Alliance services.

When should I submit my application?
You should submit your PPT Application at least three weeks prior to the class start date. All PPT applications will be reviewed and acted upon when they are received by the PPT office. Rush requests cannot be honored.

How will I know my application has been processed?
If your application is approved you will receive a letter with the Approval Certificate explaining what is needed to register for your program. Should your application be deferred or rejected, you will be sent a letter of explanation along with information on options available to you. You can also check the status online.

How can I be sure the school or institution I want to attend is accredited or approved by The Alliance?
The Alliance maintains a listing of Alliance Approved Schools on our website. We use the CHEA database to validate accreditation. If a school or institution is not on these lists, your application will not be approved.

Will funds from last year carry over for courses I begin this year?
No. Alliance PPT funds do not carry over from year to year. Your course start date determines which calendar year’s tuition is used.

What happens when my application is approved?
We will send you an Approval Certificate with the pertinent information you need to register for your program. Give the certificate to the school’s business office when registering for the course(s). The school will bill The Alliance directly.

Can tuition be reimbursed?
Tuition can be reimbursed, but this option should be considered only in exceptional circumstances, as there is no guarantee that tuition will be funded. Reimbursement must be requested within 3-months of the last day of class. In addition to normal Alliance PPT Application requirements, reimbursement requests must include the following:

  • Proof that you completed the course, AND
  • Proof that you paid for the course (paid receipt must originate from the school – cancelled checks or credit card statements ARE NOT acceptable).

PPT applications that are received more than 3-months beyond the end date of the course will not be considered. Funding for reimbursement is counted against your maximum for the year in which you started the course.

How do I receive reimbursement for books and required software?
You may be reimbursed for books purchased for approved and completed Alliance PPT-funded courses. Submit an Alliance Book/Software Reimbursement Form and original, itemized receipts. Sales taxes are not reimbursed.

Still have questions?
Call 800-323-3436, option 1, between 8:00AM to 5:00PM (ET) Monday through Friday to speak with an Alliance staff member.


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