Funds for Alliance Distribution (FAD)

Program at a glance

What is the “Funds for Alliance Distribution (FAD)” Program?

The FAD program for dislocated workers is administered by The Alliance on behalf of Alliance stakeholder companies and unions. The program provides funding to Alliance-eligible workers for expenses incurred in pursuit of re-employment. You are eligible for FAD funding for up to one to two years following the date of your separation from the company based on the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

FAD provides funding for Covered Expenses such as education and training expenses (books, tools, and equipment), relocation expenses (related to a new job), outplacement services, and expenses related to starting a new business.



An employee becomes eligible for FAD upon their date of separation due to force adjustment and remains eligible for one to two years from the date of separation, or until the funding limit has been expended (whichever comes first), or until the participant is rehired by an Alliance stakeholder company.

Be sure to verify your eligibility and the specifics of your company’s program by contacting The Alliance FAD program administrator at 800-323-3436, option 1.

  • Important notice for AT&T/CWA participants:

A change to the FAD program was bargained in the AT&T/CWA 2015 Collective Bargaining agreement.  This effects any AT&T/CWA Alliance eligible participant who is laid-off on or after August 1, 2015.


FAD Facts & FAQs

How do I apply?
Submit a signed FAD Agreement Form prior to your separation date.

Submit a FAD Voucher Form and required documentation to receive pre-payment and/or reimbursement. This procedure may be repeated as expenses arise until the time or funding limits have been reached.

Are allowable expenses pre-paid or reimbursed?

All expenses will be reimbursed, with the exception of tuition which can be pre-paid.

Tuition and other fees related to education or training can be pre-paid if the FAD Voucher Form is submitted at least four (4) weeks prior to the start of classes. Payment(s) will be made directly to the school or training provider.

What training expenses are covered?
Books, tools, equipment, uniforms, etc. will be considered as eligible training/education expenses if they are required by the training/education institution for all students. The participant will be required to submit documentation from the training/education institution and original receipts for reimbursement.  Tool and equipment purchases are limited to $1,000 for AT&T and Nokia participants.

What outplacement expenses are covered?
Normal fees charged by an agency or firm specializing in aiding or assisting individuals to obtain employment.

What relocation expenses are covered?
Expenses related to moving one’s household goods more than 50 miles for a secured job (job offer documentation is required), such as but not limited to:
a) Movement of household goods: Moving van, moving company, food and lodging while en route, miscellaneous special expenses, gas or mileage, etc. (No cleaning fees.)
b) Home disposal charges: Send us a copy of your house closing statement.

What expenses related to starting a new business are covered?
Expenses related to starting a new business (such as office equipment and licenses) must be incurred AFTER your official off payroll date. You also must submit a Business Plan, Tax ID # and Business License. Reimbursement only.

How will FAD be coordinated with Alliance PPT funding?
Each FAD Voucher Form submitted for training or education expenses will be reviewed to assure that the applicant is maximizing their benefits under both programs.

Can outplacement, relocation, training or education expenses incurred prior to termination be paid by FAD?

Is FAD considered taxable income?
Consult a tax advisor regarding individual circumstances.

Still Have Questions?
For more information, contact your local joint labor/management committee or The Alliance administrator for this program at 800-323-3436, option 1.


FAD Agreement Forms

AT&T/CWA FAD Online Agreement

AT&T/IBEW, Nokia, AVAYA FAD Online Agreement

FAD Voucher Form