Avaya Training

The Alliance works with Avaya leadership from the company and union to provide training opportunities for The Alliance Avaya eligible workforce nationwide.  To see the current training opportunities available for you, head to the Alliance Registration Center and login.

Avaya Certification Program

Global Support Services / Avaya Certification Program

As a result of the 2006 collective bargaining agreement and the amendment, the CWA and IBEW Unions and Avaya jointly support the voluntary certification program for the following titles:

  • Senior Technicians
  • Senior Software Associates
  • Staging Technicians
  • Technical Systems Assemblers


The certification program recognizes a combination of both industry and Avaya certifications.  The Alliance provides industry Certification Training.

Program Information

The Union/Avaya Certification Program is designed to be a long-term program that grows skills and knowledge in the emerging IP workplace for employees in the covered titles listed above.

For Avaya Certification Program details, please check the Avaya company web site via the company intranet.