AT&T Training

In addition to customized local group training and national programs like Alliance LIVE!, The Alliance offers several programs tailored to our AT&T eligible population described below.  To see what’s available for you locally, or on Alliance LIVE!, head to the Alliance Registration Center and login.

Alliance: 2020 Technologies Training Program

The Alliance: 2020 Technologies Training Program was developed to provide training for individuals to enhance their employment opportunities in the IP based AT&T 2020 Network.  Click here to learn more about this program that we designed and developed and discover the next steps required to initiate your 2020 training plan.

Alliance: 2020 Business Skills Training Program

The Alliance: 2020 Business Essentials Certificate Program was developed to provide training for individuals who are interested in building their career opportunities in call centers of all types and for those supporting AT&T products and services in non-technical careers.  Click here to learn more about this program that we designed to help you develop the skills you will need to work in the evolving 2020 workplace.

Article 43

The Article 43 Certification program is a contractually established incentive payment program that has been bargained for the following ‘Legacy T’ titles:  Network Technical Specialist, IDC Technical Specialist and Operations Specialist.

Training for this program is coordinated by a joint/company union team and offered through The Alliance.  Individuals may take classes on company time, need of the business permitting, or may also attend on their own time.

Article 43 Impact Survey

In the fall of 2017, The Alliance conducted a survey designed to assess the effectiveness and the overall quality of the training provided under the negotiated “Article 43” agreement. The survey focused solely on training provided in the last two years. Input gathered will help ensure that The Alliance offers training and certification opportunities that reflect the needs, interests and priorities of the Article 43 eligible participants.


Test Prep Programs

The Alliance offers the following Test Preparation programs which are designed to help prepare students for AT&T qualifying exams.


Effective September 5, 2017 the Technical Knowledge Test II (TKT II) replaced 8 existing tests, including the TQT I.  Please check The Alliance LIVE! schedule for TKT II training classes.


This self-paced distance learning course is designed to provide AT&T employees with the tools and knowledge to succeed on the Internet Data Center Knowledge Test II (IDCKT II).  Participants will have 24×7 access to the course and via email with a learning advisor, who will assist in the development of an action plan for completing the course.  Pre and post test assessments provide feedback throughout the course, which is designed to be completed in approximately 60 hours.  You must be TMT III (Technical Mechanical Knowledge Test III) qualified to become eligible to take the IDCKT II test.