Alliance LIVE!

alliance live logoImagine sitting in a regular classroom at your local college or Alliance training center. The instructor is teaching you and other students. Now, imagine sitting at home, a student of the same class! This is the Alliance LIVE! experience. You, your computer, a headset, fellow students, interaction, questions and answers… live instruction.

Registrar Center

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Programs at a glance

Printable Schedule: Alliance LIVE! PDF Schedule through August, 2019

Alliance Certificate Programs!

Are you interested in building skills that you can use in your personal life, on the job, or maybe your volunteer work? We’ve developed a series of Certificate programs designed to help you develop skills that you can use to enhance your current work or fulfill goals you may have in your life outside of work.

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Program requirements

You will need a computer, and an Internet connection. You will also need a headset.

The Alliance will provide a complimentary headset for you once you enroll in a class. You can then use that headset for all the classes you would like to take.

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Is it hard to get connected and participate?

No, you browse the web everyday, there is no software to install. Plus, we’ll walk you through the setup of your headset and logging on to the class. Live help is just a phone call away.

What classes are offered?

Most of the classes focus on professional development, computer and technology related subjects, along with personal productivity and growth classes.

How do I get more information?