Alliance: 2020 and Beyond – Technology Skills for Tomorrow


Program Overview:

Alliance: 2020 and Beyond – Technology Skills for Tomorrow program is a comprehensive technology skills program designed to provide individuals the skills and knowledge essential to working in the IP based AT&T Network.  The program was developed by an Alliance Instructional Design team working with input from Subject Matter Experts (SME) across AT&T Business Units, Operations Managers, Union representatives and Technicians.

The program consists of five technology training tracks:  Fiber, VOIP, Wireless, Cloud and Networking, which are supported by three Foundation courses.  This Program is structured as an academic model – with participants progressing from the Foundation up through higher level courses.  Testing, certificates, and certifications are built into the program to ensure trainees earn credentials marking their achievements.



Orientation Video:

Class Schedule:

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Who should attend and why?

Participants who are interested in building their career opportunities in an IP-based network, earning certificates and certifications that document knowledge and skills, and enhancing troubleshooting skills for their current or future job.

Do I have to take all the Foundation training if I already have other higher level certifications?

Yes.  To be able to complete the tracks and be awarded Alliance certificates, you need to demonstrate knowledge for all training. For Foundation and Level One courses, you have the option to take a Proficiency Exam to demonstrate your knowledge. If you do not pass the Proficiency Exam, you will need to attend the class in order to earn the credentials needed to progress along the tracks.  You are also required to take a post exam at the end of the training.

How will my past training records be recognized as credentials for this program?

If you have already been certified in any of the CompTIA, TIA, Cisco, FOA and SIP courses on the tracks, they will be counted as credentials marking your achievements.  You should record any certifications earned in The Alliance database.  Click here for more information.

If you feel you already have the knowledge in a particular class, you can also take the Proficiency Exam to demonstrate your knowledge and obtain credentials.

I am Article 43 eligible.  If I obtain certificate and/or certifications from this program, will they be counted for incentive payment?

Not all of the courses in the Alliance: 2020 Technologies Training program are currently part of the Article 43 incentive payment program. If the certificates and/or certifications you obtain through this program are among those on the Article 43 incentive payment certifications list, they will be eligible for incentive payment in that program.

Still Have Questions?

For more information, email us at or contact the program administrator, LeeAnn McGlynn at 800-323-3436, ext. 2431.

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