Who we are

The AllianceThe Alliance for Employee Growth and Development, Inc. (The Alliance) is a private non-profit corporation designed to provide training to individuals to enhance their employability. The Alliance was established and funded through the AT&T and CWA National Bargaining process in 1986, and has been expanded to include Nokia, Avaya, OFS and the IBEW over the years.

Over the last 32 years, The Alliance has become a primary education resource for union represented employees at our partner companies. Since our inception we have provided service to more than 179,380 individuals with over 16.8 million training hours. In the most recent fiscal year, The Alliance served over 1,821 participants in approximately 58,896 training hours.

To address the needs of a diverse, nationwide workforce, The Alliance has developed an array of training delivery options ranging from on-site classrooms, virtual classrooms, hands-on technical training to online self-paced courses. Notwithstanding the training delivery option, customer satisfaction with Alliance training remains high with a 92% satisfaction rating from trainees.

The Alliance remains an enduring labor-management success. Working at the local, regional and national levels The Alliance has joined companies and their unions together in a variety of win-win training partnerships. These cooperative efforts have had a direct impact on the workplace and technological skills of individuals and success of the business.

What we do

Because Alliance training is focused on helping individuals thrive, regardless of changes in the marketplace or the workplace, The Alliance training menu has evolved with the changes in the Telecommunications industry and in the overall economy. Today, The Alliance training ranges from Basic Language and Math skills training through high-level Technical Certifications and Degree Programs. In addition, courses that enhance individual Workplace Skills – customer relations, communications, teamwork and sales skills – remain a major segment of Alliance offerings.

Also, The Alliance continues to provide Career Transition training and services to individuals that are leaving the employment of our partner companies. A package of Alliance employment transition training and services (Career Planning, Job Search Skills, Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills and Financial Transition workshops, along with customized training options to meet specialized local training needs) is available to our clientele nationwide.

The Alliance operates at the National, Regional and Local level to develop, deliver and evaluate our training programs.


How we work

The Alliance operates on a joint labor/management model. Throughout the organization — from The Alliance Board of Trustees to the management, the staff and the nationwide network of local workplace committees — union and management representatives share in leadership and decision-making. Of the eight members of The Alliance Board of Trustees, four are national union leaders and four are management executives. The two Alliance Co-Executive Directors are labor and management appointed and the staff is represented by the CWA Staff Union.